Lenten Meditation April 5 – Die in Your sins

Today’s Readings

How would you feel if your heart were revealed? I think for me, I would be mortified by all the sins I have committed, through my actions, thoughts and words, those I committed by omission, as well as the many I have no conscious knowledge of.

“…and you yourself a sword shall pierce”. Through the piercing of Mary’s heart and her sufferings, sin was brought to light. Through the crucifixion and death of her innocent Son, the hearts of many were revealed.

The hearts of the apostles, who hid in fear even though they knew Jesus and the many miracles they had witnessed. The hearts of the people in society who called for His death despite of the good they knew He had done. The heart of Herod, whose self importance and pride, would not allow another to be held in regard, and, the heart of Pilate, who allowed the taking of innocent blood because he did not want to get involved and have the comforts of his life disrupted. Over two thousand years later, we are still suffering from the same sins and human weaknesses.

The hearts of many are revealed in our day by another “crucifixion”, the abortion of the unborn.

When I think about my own abortion, I can see the revelation of many hearts that failed to love. My own heart, defiled by sin filled with fear, and lack of trust in God to bring life to my son. The hearts of those who did not want to get involved and so stood silent, even knowing what was to happen was wrong. The heart of my baby’s father, who, out of fear, fled from his responsibility. The heart of my father, whose pride caused him to worry more about what people would say, than the life of his grandchild, and who coerced me into abortion. The heart of my mother, who always felt guilt for fearing my father so much she did not speak up to him. All hearts that would have preferred to stay hidden but were made to face the truth about themselves. Every abortion reveals the truth of countless hearts.

But hearts of love were revealed through the crucifixion as well. The heart of Mary, who trusted completely in God’s will and consented to the death of her son for our salvation. The heart of John, who in spite of the dangers to himself chose to stay next to Jesus, and the heart of Jesus Himself, whose ultimate sacrifice brought us the ultimate love and bought our salvation. It is only in these deep wounds that there is love enough to heal our wounds of abortion. It is through this sacrifice and love that we are able to look at our hearts, revealed in truth because we then understand the redemptive value of the crucifixion and our new life in Jesus Christ, who is Mercy Himself!  TB


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