Here is a reflection from my retreat from the book “The Gift of Faith” by Father Tadeusz Dajczer.
I could not help but think of the many people I know who have had abortions and also, in spite of receiving the sacrament of confession, struggle with the mercy of God .

There are condition for the sacrament:
examination of conscience
sorrow for sin

I thought this was a great meditation to ponder ourselves in relation to not only confession of abortion but all our sins.

JudasWhen we look at Judas’ behavior after betraying Jesus, we can discover many elements of confession. There is an examination of conscience because Judas thought about what he had done and realized his own evil. Sorrow  appears there as well; Judas was truly sorry. He even wanted to change; hence’ he has the intent to make reparation for his sin: There is also a confession of sin: Judas went to the chief priests and said, “I have sinned in betraying innocent blood” (MT 27:$). He even made satisfaction for his sin when he threw the thirty pieces of silver that he had received from the chief priests back at them. He did not want blood money. Actually, you can see in Judas’ behavior and attitude almost everything that takes place in confession. There is only one thing, the most important thing, missing. That is faith in Jesus’ mercy! That is why Judas’ confession was so sad and tragic and ended with despair and suicide.

Our confession should be a confession like Peter’s: he believed in the mercy of Christ and concentrated, not as much on his own sin, but on forgiveness….

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