Lenten Meditation April 13 – Adverse Diagnosis

Today’s Readings

I can’t believe it has been 23 years since I parted with my beloved child.  Yes it was because doctors said they could do nothing for my unborn baby and that I had to let my baby go.  Many years have passed and I have learned to accept the forgiveness of my Lord and Saviour.  My Lord forgave me when I confessed this loss but I never forgave myself.  He knows our thoughts, our feelings, our wholeness of being underserving of his mercy and yet he offers us an ocean of mercy without limitation to our sinfulness.

I have now forgiven myself and know that one day I will meet my princess in heaven.  I praise God in his infinite mercy and thank him for all the blessings received but most especially for all the blessings I have received and not known of or realized.

I ask that you all place yourselves in the hands of our Saviour Jesus Christ, our Father God in Heaven, the Holy Spirit to be our daily guide and to light the path of our journey in this difficult world, our Blessed Mother who made it possible for us by being the throne of our Lord in her womb to obtain eternal life, and St. Joseph whom was the protector of our God and Saviour and is our Father.

The closer we come to God the more we realize and see that we are his and our loved ones are gifts from his love and mercy to us.  Give God all of your love, your being, your daily sufferings and your daily actions for the conversion for sinners, for all those that do not know him, for those who do not believe in him, and for those with hardened hearts.

May our Lord in his Mercy, drop a few precious drops of his blood on the Holy Souls of Purgatory that they may be released into heaven to worship our Lord with our Blessed Mother, the Angels, the Saints and all our beloved who worship our Creator.   Please pray for our Pope and the Bishops and priests throughout the world, that God protect them from harm and evil and tough their hearts and keep the flame of love for God burning in their hearts.  That they can continue to bring souls to God.

Never allow yourself to feel unworthy of God’s love and Mercy, always know that no matter how difficult things become, that you are not alone.  When you only see the darkness, he is the light of your life.  When you are hungry, come to eat the word which will sustain you.  Most of all, have mercy on others and forgive all that have hurt you or done you wrong, for if we ask God for forgiveness who are we not to forgive.

May you and yours be blessed always and may all the poor souls that have parted our world in this current war in Ukraine, be received in our Lords house.  May God comfort those who have left loved ones behind to flee with their children, may God reunite them and let them be testimony to Gods infinite grace.



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