Implications of Overturning Roe

I have been frustrated by the lack of the voices of those who have been harmed by abortion when it comes to public discord regarding Dobbs. Every year I get between 100-200 new people looking for healing after abortion. Most often they are living in silence and suffering- there are millions of them out there, but we never seem to speak to their hearts, hearts that no doubt know the pain of abortion like no others.
As I see all the ads for Dobbs and hear all the commentary I often think how powerful it would be to have these voices answering the abortion agenda.
Here are some thoughts I shared on The Simple Truth with Jum Havens regarding Roe and its implications

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  1. Dear Theresa, I just finished watching you speak…..So much was stirred up in me…I am waiting for it to settle before I email you back. Yes never lose hope. We have been restoring the rose all these years…now it is the time to become the columbine,,,,I will explain further in an email to you. Perfect timing for this talk…Memorial Day Weekend, to remember all those that we have lost in the abortion scourge..Thank You for being here for me…Diana

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