My Brothers Keeper

I must admit, when life gets rough for them, sometimes I still go back to the fact that my sons may be suffering
because of my abortion. Of course, it may not be the case, life sends everyone many bumps in the road, but I think
I would be fooling myself if I did not recognize that it has impacted them and that at times,
in spite of their healing, new things may pop up. I believe there would be something really wrong if that did
not happen!

New layers of healing are healthy to go through. Just like with me, when you least expect it, different
aspects of healing may surface. Whether it is a past relationship, or some new memory that has arisen, it
is God’s way of getting to our core as we move closer and closer, into relationship with Him. It is a good thing!

I have watched the dynamics of abortion on siblings over the years. I have ministered to many teens mourning
the loss of a sibling, some of whom are acting out in certain ways as a result of abortion. There are those who
are angry, those with no sense of their own wonderful worth, those who want to protect their parents and so
deny their own feelings, those who have no idea where to go with issues that pop up for them. There are also those
parents who worry too much, and those who deny any impact on their children and those kids who come to me
voicing their pain but not wanting their parents to know for fear of hurting them. I have also been blessed to watch them heal and recognize their own worth as they look to their sibling as a gift, develop a spiritual relationship, and come to recognize the good God in His Mercy can bring out of even this.

Abortion hurts countless people, including siblings.

As we continue to shed light and minister to the wider victims of abortion, we ask you to please keep us and
those we serve in prayer. May Mercy Himself become manifest as He touches hearts and brings the peace and
healing only He can give!
T Bonopartis

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