Abortion & Politics

Election season can be difficult for those who have experienced abortion. Conflicting feelings often emerge as different candidate voice different views.

Those hurting from abortion often sit silently with their hidden secret stuffing the pain they are now faced with every da. Family and friends are often left wondering what is wrong. On one side you may feel judged, on the other like it was no big deal. It often feels like no one truly gets it!

Since 1973over 63 million abortions have occurred in the United States. We all know someone who has had an abortion whether we know it or not. These women are our friends, our mothers, fathers, our aunts, uncles, our siblings, our co-workers, even our grandparents.

They are everywhere. At our workplaces, in our social circles and in our families. They are sitting on the couch next to us, and yet, no one is speaking to them. Abortion is treated as an “issue” instead of a very personal experience that has impacted millions of lives.

One only has to turn on the TV to see the unrest around abortion despite the Dobbs decision. In fact, it has gotten even worse.

Like the dynamics in the family unit, he voices and feelings of most women and men who have undergone an abortion, for the most part, continue to be ignored. Sure, some voices are out there, but very little is heard from the everyday people who often feel stuck in the middle of the debate.

Abortion still continues to hold countless women and men captive. Even if they have gone thr4ough healing, most do not want the world knowing they have had an abortion. Siblings of those aborted, thoug often suffering, also feel called to keep the family secret.

Despite the fact that these people may not be talking, they are definitely listening. So, what are they hearing? They hear the democrats telling them it is a wo9men’s body and their choice to make with their doctor. They are told there is no judgement, but with that comes a dehumanizing of their child, a go ahead, and yes, they sense something is wrong because there is a lack of acknowledgment of what they know in their hearts was their unborn son or daughter.

In contrast, the republicans can be loud and clear on the wrong of abortion but can be seen as lacking compassion because they speak to the issue versus the person. For someone who already feels self-loathing or is in denial, this only brings more pain.

Election season can be very painful and emotionally charged for those who have had an abortion. It is the epitome of abortion triggers, and it brings up tons of unresolved feelings along with a struggle to stay afloat, often with no one or very few people knowing what they have experienced.

These people will be going to the polls come this November. Sadly, no one seems to be speaking to their hearts. There is a critical lack of a voice who understands where they are coming from. A voice which validates their feelings while still stating the wrong of abortion. They need someone who lets them know they are not alone, that people understand how an abortion can happen and want to help them reach healing. They wait for a word of compassion. who is it safe to vote for?

In the end, it won’t be the Democrats or the Republicans who will bring peace to those suffering from a past abortion, but the mercy and forgiveness of God who frees them from the captivity of so called “freedom of choice”. Let’s pray they hear His voice in this election season.


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