Lenten Meditation – Palm Sunday

Todays Readings: Palm Sunday


As we begin to walk the week of the passion with Jesus and Mary so much is laid before us in today readings.
So many different personalities coming from their place of wounds reacting to Jesus in so many different ways. Gratefulness, pain, jealousy, fickleness, praise, envy. All of humanity rolled up into the life of those around Him.

I would like to believe that I am like the woman who washed His feet with oil, grateful for what He has done for me, loving, overcoming my fears. It is nice to think of myself as her, but the truth is, I believe I have each of those people within me.

I can be thanking and praising Him one moment and then complaining the next for some suffering or belief that I think I know better than He does. We all must walk the way of the cross and most times we are not really willing. I can question HIs love for me when I am struggling, I can, like some of the people in the readings, be tempted to feel as if it is all a farce.

Without HIs grace, I can doubt and want to go off and do things on my own. HIs way does not seem very victorious, but it is.

In the Cross, in the dying to ourselves, in casting off our selfishness, pride, control and following Him with trust we come not to sorrow but the joy of everlasting life, purified and filled with His love.

May we each this week walk the way of the cross with Him and comfort Him and embrace each step as we come closer to the crucifixion the place where the ultimate love heals our wounds, even the wound of abortion. Theresa


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