Christ’s “Passion” for Me

Passion: A powerful emotion; ardent love; an abandoned display of emotion; intense driving or overpowering feeling or emotion.

I know God loves me! It is not something only in my head, it is internalized. A belief I know is true in the core of my being. There is nothing better!

The amazing thing is that He chose to reveal this truth to me at the same time that I learned about the depth of my own Carrying crossmisery. When I honestly faced my abortion and the sinful life I had been living at the time.This deep truth and knowledge of His love have been life altering. It has turned me from someone timid and shy, to someone willing to speak out about her worse sin.

It has given me the courage to stand up to adversity. It has given me the ability to forgive even when the pain is deep. In it I find perseverance to do this work and the willingness to suffer for others.

I don’t always succeed in my desires to serve God. In my human weakness, I fail a lot and when I do manage to succeed, I know my ability is in itself a gift from God.  But, I also know despite my failings He is still passionately in love with me and forgives me if I am repentant.

It takes deep love to heal deep wounds. It takes “passion”. Christ’s Passion. Once internalized.
His “passion” changes us forever because we act on His truths, not our own, and we are filled with confidence because we know what He has done for us, not two thousand years ago, but right here, right now.

I pray to be emptied of self so that I may love Jesus “passionately” with His love…I pray the same for each of you.


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