” Then Light shall rise for you in the darkness ”Lent March 5

Today’s readings

In every instance, when Jesus saw any future disciple, He said only “Follow Me”; and they did it at once.

Jesus saw me and my need for His Mercy and called me to “follow Him”. Six years ago, after attending my first Healing retreat, His Spirit moves my heart to follow Him, and I did it. I keep doing it.

Certainly, He did call me many times before, but the hurt of my abortion and the lies of the enemy distracted me, I was deaf from His call.

Following Jesus is to stumble and frequently fall in the way, but I am afraid no more for He is the “Repairer of the Breaches” of my heart. I can keep going, because little by little Jesus is restoring the ruins of my past and they no longer define me.

To follow Jesus and to stay closer to His Sacred Heart, is to serve and walk with other afflicted souls like me, and this is the light that rises for me in the darkness, Jesus Himself.

Dear friends, these are the times that we give permission to our Lord to water the parched land of our life with His forgiveness and kindness. The time to accept His invitation to “follow Him”. Let’s quiet down and be in his Presence –

Either at Church or in the privacy of our homes- hold a Crucifix, and in silence contemplate that He did this for you, for love of you; because there is nothing more urgent for Him than to save you. He wants you to be with Him for eternity; you only you.

Trust and follow Him. Jesus I trust in You+    Patricia M

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