Temptations Lent March 6

Today’s readings

We all know the Gospel reading from today when Jesus spends 40 Days in the desert. He is tempted by Satan, hunger, power, greed.

Most of to be sure, were not living life according to Gods will when we made the decision to abort our children. If not before, many of us after became engaged in sinful behaviors feeling like we were lost and damned to hell anyway so, why not?

Even after forgiveness, the temptations to past sins can be powerful in our lives. To change our behaviors and turn from these things, maybe, promiscuity, drugs, bad behavior in many forms, can seem impossible, but with the grace of God anything is possible!

The church has given us many instruments of mercy, first and foremost the sacraments which strengthen us in our battles. They cannot only assist us in not falling into the sin, but they are there for us even when we do to bring Gods love and forgiveness into our heart so we may begin again. There also is strength in reaching out to those who have been there and can help you work through the challenges you face. There are also counselors and clergy ready to assist you on your journey.

Healing from abortion is a process and we are sure to fall along the way but the important thing is to not give up To keep on beginning again, and to trust in the love and mercy of God which longs to heal you. By Gods grace we too can resist the temptations of the devil as we move closer and closer to the One who loves us unconditionally and desires our healing.

Today, think about the things you struggle with most and ask God to give you the grace to resist and the humility to bring your falls to the sacrament of Reconciliation knowing He is there waiting to forgive you.   TM



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