On His Right- Lent March 7

Today’s Readings 

Today’s readings reflect on the commandments of God and His call for us to treat each other with love.

When I returned to church after my abortion, I had to admit that I had broken just about every one of His commandments. I always saw them as restricting, that this was a God who did not want us to have fun. Amazing how blind we can be.

As I healed and learned I recognized how the commandments were there not to restrict me but to protect me. To save me from myself and all the ways breaking them would injure me spiritually, emotionally and even physically. Instead of a restriction they became a map for me life to help me remain in peace, and the sacrament of reconciliation became a way for me to “begin again”.

That is such a beautiful aspect of our faith, that we can always begin again. That although we fall, if we are truly sorry God is waiting there with His mercy no matter what our sins are. As we grow in relationship with Him, by His grace we treat people differently knowing we are all on the journey to relationship with Him learning as we go.

There is a lot going on i the world right now, and sadly abortions are still happening every day. Unborn babies are dying and women and men are being separated from a God who loves them.

Today let us pray for an end to the killing and for the conversion of those who find themselves separated from His love because of abortion. May He find us on His right praising Him for His mercy


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